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A form that FINRA requires brokers to use for reporting equity trades executed outside of normal market hours. Form T trades occur during extended hours – before the market opens and after close.

Three black crows

A bearish reversal pattern consisting of three consecutive black bodies where each day closes near below the previous low, and opens within the body of the previous day.

Technical analysis

The study of market action, usually with price charts, which includes volume and open interest patterns. Also called chart analysis, market analysis.


Each individual move from one stock trade to another.


Another name for stock symbol.


An area of slowing down of momentum in an uptrend.

Trailing stop loss

A stop loss order that is automatically adjusted using $ amount or %.


The direction of an individual name or sector. Bullish or bearish trends.

Trend lines

Technical lines drawn on charts using pivot points to depict the trend.


Sideways price patterns where a defined price range is set between converging trend lines.


A personal technical or fundamental reason for entering or exiting a position.

Triple top

A technical area of resistance that price has attempted to breakout and failed.

Triple bottom

A technical area of support that price has attempted to breakdown and failed.


Being open to the public about current positions, wins and losses.

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