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Iceman Trading Academy
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These first 2 days back have been great!! I joined your service back in late October right after I had quit my job as a commodities trader and decided I was going to start day trading for myself. I traded for 2 weeks then but I realized I didn’t have any kind of plan. I liked the vibe Read moreDan Verified member

I am reaching out to you first to say that every time you get real in the morning and talk about the mental game of this business it just opens my mind even more on how this business is almost 90% mental and 10% technical. It’s taken me a while to figure this out on my own but, with your assistance, I’ve been able to adapt to this much quicker. I just wanted toRead moreJP Verified member

Thanks for a wonderful day, it’s a calm place #ITA No rush, you always say we will find the next one, don’t worry you just need one good one.and so much more. Always learning and the trades come along with it. Much respect and love for those “eyeballs” 🙂 One of the things I like is that ICEMAN is not screaming and chest thumping. He is focused, he is there Read moreTariq Verified member

Traders, I’ve been trading my own account since 1996, and been through all the ups and downs of the independent trader. Had I met a teacher like Barry Mohan earlier in my career learning curve would have been exponential instead of a bumpy ride. Barry is a one of a kind teacher. You will learn to scan charts and quickly find the setups that will Read moreLuc D Verified member

Day trading as a profession is a lot tougher and stressful than I thought. It is a long one tough journey if you want to become a successful full time day trader. Without a good coach, you could easily lose your sight, be angry at you (and your family) and divert from the right path even before you know it. I was in that situation before I met Barry. “Wait for the set up” Read moreWillow Verified member

Barry gives you all the tools to become a professional trader. Scanning, charting, position sizing, entries, adds, exits. He lays it all out for you every morning with a detailed plan for the trading session, and then it’s interactive teaching all day long as you trade live. Barry’s a great teacher for a lot of reasons. He works harder than anyone in the business Read moreJamie Verified member

Barry and ITA have changed my trading life. After joining ITA, I’ve realized that trading is more than making money. The room is about learning and growing as a community. When you present an idea, your voice is heard each theory is analyzed by Barry. I can’t recommend ITA enough. Thank you, Barry, and to all the mods that give 110% every day. Kind regards Read moreLuke Verified member

When I heard, Barry started his own trading site, it was no surprise to me. Barry knows the charts. Great insight with a calm methodical way of teaching. His room is full of great mods all with their own way of trading and more than happy to share. Alerts from Barry and the mods are consistent. I am mostly a swing trader and I rely on his ideas. Great room Read moreAndy B Verified member

I would like to express my sincere gratitude to you, the mods and the wonderful teaching environment you have managed to accomplish at ITA. No hype, no outrageous screaming, empty promises, just straight down to earth basic calm learning experience. Barry, you guide us through the charts, you remain calm and assertive which in turn helps Read moreYvette Verified member

He Barry, for me it is know the start of the second month with you live at ITA like to say that I know finally started to make money. Within one month I learned to let the trade come to me. I am more patient and still make my own decision. The notes are very helpful to decide which trade I like to make. Just one trade a day keeps losses away. Thanks Read moreRene, Amsterdam Verified member

I just wanted to let everyone know how valuable Barry’s teachings have been to me in the early stages of my trading career. As a new trader, it has been very difficult to find useful and credible education in today’s trading arena. The industry is flooded with traders who flaunt extravagant lifestyles, charts that show that they never lose, and this pipe Read morePunisher Verified member

Barry runs an educational service designed to help new traders develop what they need to become profitable in the markets. From strategy to risk management to psychology and so on. The trading room also consists of many seasoned traders that Barry has helped to elevate their trading to the next level. The room functions as a team where Read moreRyan MacIsaac Verified member

The measure of a person, especially a teacher is putting the student’s wellbeing before his own. Not to be afraid to admit a mistake and to make sure that everything is geared to helping the student grow. Barry Mohan is such a person. He runs his chat room making sure his students are not only successful but learn proper trading techniques. He teaches step by Read moreAlan J Fein Verified member

I was a little torn about writing this review because I feel like it would be letting a secret out; however, the desire to help other traders like myself meant I had to write it. You can read Barry’s personal story on his blog, but it doesn’t tell you everything about the man. First of all, he straight up knows how trade, and does trade, and makes a living from trading Read moreTamir Verified member

I clearly saw a huge difference in my trading during November. Due to a trip to Japan and Thanksgiving, I only traded 12 days during the month. 10 out of 12 days, I was green. Unprecedented green day ratio (83%). Also, Winning trade ratio was 62.3%. I can now wait for a set up and I can see a setup when it is ready. I can comfortably Read moreMasayoshi Verified member