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There is a huge myth about the reality of day trading and the perks it possesses. Many approach this job without any experience at all or understanding of what they’re supposed to do. How can you do a job without any training? How are you supposed to excel at a job you do not understand? Most day traders fail at their first and second times day trading. The key to growth is knowledge, without the proper training you will not succeed day trading. Most new traders do not want to pay for a proper education and is forced to pay dues with their accounts. The market is unforgiving and relentless. It will not “go easy” on you because you’re new. It doesn’t know or care about your experience or account size. Smarter traders will keep taking your money and they will continue to do so until your account is no longer functional. Most day traders quit within their first 3 months of trading. They’re left broke and broken. There are many places to get information about day trading. There are many educational videos accessible on YouTube, books, DVDs, twitter and chat rooms. Most chat rooms are based on alerts, most will not even explain the reasoning behind the entries and or even tell you their exits until it’s too late for you to exit. If the trades don’t produce a profitable outcome you’re left without a reason and without answers to your questions. Most chat rooms will not share with you their reasons for taking certain trades because they don’t actually want you to learn rather just be their sheep and subscriber forever. At ITA I want you to learn, I want you to understand why you’re taking a trade with proper risk management in mind. I want you to be able to grow and become independent. Your reason for staying with us at ITA afterwards will be for the relationship that we’ll build together and the amount of valuable lessons we learn each day. You will never stop learning as a trader and you should remain passionate about your career. I will help you overcome your fears and provide you with the necessary tools to becoming the trader you want to be.

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Live HD screen sharing

Live day trading is brought into your home, office or school via our HD screen sharing application. Subscribers are able to view live high definition charts from moderators during the day. Application is also viewable using mobile for added convenience.

Live HD audio sharing

Every trade and trade setup is voiced using live HD audio. Turn up your speakers and just listen to hours of educational trade processes, entries and exits. Listen at any time of the day, all day to moderators as they trade and share years of experience and priceless lessons with members.

Live day trading chat room

Iceman Trading Academy™ brings you live day trading ideas, setups and education using a chat room type environment. For members not able to listen in to chat due to their location, all trades are posted with entries, stops and exits. Being able to provide text to members provides very useful time stamped data that can also be used during journal entries and studying.

Pre-market battle plan

Every morning, written trade ideas based on PR, ER or chart setup technical strategies are detailed and an itemized list of their setups are done at 8AM EST. We call it ITA Pre-market battle plan. These are the trade setups that have the most interest to us for that particular day. Explanation of what we expect to see happen and how to trade these are provided in written form and explained in detail at 8:45AM EST. Stocks we are looking to trade and how we intend to trade them. To see stocks that were on our radar please check out our previous pre-market battle plans

Market maker scanners

Iceman Trading Academy™ members will get live chart data from Iceman’s scanners on stocks that are moving. These customized, proprietary scanners were built using specific criteria and generates trading ideas all day. Also, any stock that is worth watching during the day if triggered will be presented to the room.

Pre-market and after hours trading

Iceman Trading Academy™ live day trading chat room is open 12 hours a day on trading days. Regular Market hours are between 9:30AM EST to 4:00PM EST but at ITA we open the doors early in the morning pre-market at 6:30AM EST. Members will be able to trade live during extended hours PM and AH alongside many others. Our trading chat room remains open all day and after hours until 6:30PM EST. We understand that PM and AH sometimes provides great trading opportunities and we are there to assist our members when those opportunities are presented.

Options flow all day

For the option traders, we provide all day options flow to keep you in the know about unusual activities. Even if you do not trade options, having an understanding of the flow can provide some direction on certain names can be useful information.

Eyes on the market

One of the best things about trading with a group is being able to see many different angles of the market from one seat. Being able to have news, options, scanners and members also with their own sources seeing charts that may be tradable can be priceless and profitable. With an entire group of traders keeping an eye on the market you will have the best chances of finding actionable trades and see instant alerts.

Low floats

Trading small cap low float securities has become a part of day trading. More than anyone would like to admit to it, they’ve become another trading sector. Iceman has one of the best low float scanners built and will keep you alerted once they are filtered.

Education all day

The moment I enter the chat which is at 6:30 AM EST, lessons are shared. They don’t come in the form of a syllabus or textbook but can be depicted as experiences and or past events. Charts relay all the necessary information needed to be a profitable trader. The way they move, the colors of the candlesticks or the patterns they formulate speaks volumes. Being able to properly analyze these differences can be the difference between your success or failure. Educational value provided at ITA is second to none. Real time teaching and training all day from a proven, consistently profitable technical trader.

Weekly commodities review

Being a day trader you need proper understanding of commodities and how they are expected to trade during any given time. At the beginning of each trading week members are educated on weekly price levels and how to trade them. I review the data from the main commodities markets and comprise a written blog with charts and chart formations and trade off them. I do this for Crude, Gold and Natural Gas. We trade ETF’s on a regular basis at ITA and are our members are very educated on their current levels and movements.

Weekly trade ideas

Each weekend, after scanning hundreds of charts I comprise a list of ten top picks for that coming week. This list is prerecorded with charts and audio showing areas of interest for long and short entries. I map out where I would like to enter a specific trade and what areas I would like to exit these positions. Be sure to check ITA weekly trade ideas videos.

Access to trading webinars

Prerecorded and live weekly webinars allows traders to sit in and be a part of a live production. I feel like it’s my duty to give back some of what I’ve learned during my time trading. My passion to teach and educate others via webinars is something I will never cease doing. Along with the many prerecorded videos, members will be privy to special educational videos. There is a passion that resides in me to help others, members that interacts with me on a daily basis understands that and appreciates it. I will go out of my way anytime to help a trader in need. I often get most of my ideas from traders that want a special session on a certain topic so please feel free to use the review section if you want to see a webinar on a specific topic.

Mental reset

Trading is 90% mental and you will see the difference when you trade with ITA how much difference it can mean to your career. How many times have you been involved in a trade and exit the trade for no reason other than distrust? How many trades have you executed to perfection only to exit for no apparent reasons? ITA will break your emotional connection to your positions. We will show you how to take your fears and greed out of the equation leaving you fearless and emotionless towards to trades. We will train you to become a trading robot.

Superb moderators

We have organized one of the best team of moderators each having an area of expertise under their belts. Our moderators are the foundation of ITA. Each one brings a special talent to the table generating trade ideas and also trading during the session.

One click trading room access

Iceman Trading Academy™ provides a one stop access to everything needed as a member or registered user. One click allows passage to our trading room in literally a single click. No more clicking 3-4 times, no more time wasting to access live day trading chat room. Members will be able to login directly from our website with one click.

Mobile friendly day trading room

You can log into ITA live day trading chat room using your mobile device from anywhere with ease. When on the go easily access to ITA room using powerful mobile app that’s available for iOS (iPhones and iPads) and Android devices. While on mobile device you can view live screen sharing, hear live audio, access premarket battle plan, ask questions, take polls, download documents, etc. In other words you will get full experience. Please note the app is optimized for iPads and Android tablets and larger screen smart phones. Download app for Apple or Android

Get $50.00 credit

If you tried ITA for a day. $50.00 will be credited back to you if you decide to upgrade your membership to monthly or semiannual or yearly membership.

1 on 1 trading chart reviews

Weekly 1 on 1 chart review sessions each Wednesday afternoon after the market closes. I take an hour or two to work with traders with any questions they may have with charts they may have traded or anything trading related. This is a great opportunity for members to really take advantage of extra learning. I also review trades that I take during that day or explain swing trades that I’m currently in or looking to enter. As a member, you are exposed to unlimited knowledge and mentoring. Your thirst for maximizing capacity can be met daily at ITA, it’s your desire to learn and put in the time that is necessary.

24/7 member support group app

This member only mobile and desktop application is a first for any trading chat room out there. This app is open 24/7 for any trader that wants to go over any trade or share any idea. Members will have access to direct contact through emails with any trading questions. We’re never short of questions and trading conversations. Many share ideas and support help to those that may be struggling. There is nothing out there like this where a trader can listen to others’ past experiences and share their own with fellow traders. One of the worst thing when beginning is feeling alone, this is not the case with Iceman Trading Academy™ exclusive group app. Most traders don’t have personal friends or family that does the same and this community allows members to really connect. The app is always buzzing with tons of conversation and is quickly becoming the new addiction PP/AH.

Personal 1 on 1 coaching

Every Friday as the market close I personally offer my own personal time to any member that may need some extra time and or personal 1 on 1 review. I maintain a very close relationship with members via emails, ITA app and intraday in our chat room. I have never once turned down or asked for anything in return for extra time spent with my members. You will never feel left out at ITA. Personal 1 on 1 coaching is available upon request.

Trade Ideas scanner setup

Each member is entitled to some of Iceman’s personal scanner settings and assistance with modeling their own. Many of the members at Iceman Trading Academy™ utilize Trade Ideas as their main scanning software. I have personally built over 20 scanners myself and share a few of these with members upon request.

Trade Ideas scanner webinars

Working alongside Trade Ideas for years I have built a nice relationship with the many helpful members there. We have been able to work with Jamie Hodge of Trade Ideas to host ITA exclusive scanner setup webinars. These are live webinars that ITA members can ask questions directly and have answers presented via our trading room. As we progress more of these will become available to members.

TradeXchange member only rates

Being an affiliate of Trade Exchange we have developed a special rate for Iceman Trading Academy™ members only. This exclusive to ITA rate plan for their news feed and squawk provides members with great service for less money. Members will receive a special discounted rate for their news service.

Swing trade ideas

Along with the weekly commodities and weekly trade ideas that I share publicly I also provide ITA members with a special swing trade ideas recording. These names and ideas are not shared publicly on my Twitter or blog. Each setup is explained in detail with entries, exits and projected price movement. Members will have access to a swing trade list that is updated each week if criteria are met. Not everyone wants to day trade. ITA provides special help with those that want longer term hold swing trades.

In depth strategy setups

In depth strategy setups – Over my course of trading and learning I have developed some strategies for day trading and swing trading that isn’t shared in any of my webinars. Many members are shown how they’re used daily live in chat.

Daily trading recordings videos

Every single trading day is recorded. These files are huge being that recording starts at 8am et and ends at 6pm et. Any ITA member that wants a copy for the entire day’s recording is free to ask for a copy. This can can great for leaning and understanding trades that may have gone too fast or was misunderstood.

Sign up bonus

Annual members will receive a complementary gift from the team at ITA

ITA encyclopedia

May seem like an unnecessary reading for experienced day traders but, what about when you newly started day trading? I have comprised a list of many day trading terms and their meanings. Many terms’ meanings can be found via the web but, as a starter trader it may seem too complex to understand. I tried to simplify some of the terms to make it easier to grasp. Browse common financial definitions and terminology at ITA’s trading encyclopedia.

Career building

As with profession, day trading deserves appropriate education. Before you decide to join any trading community, have a game plan. Ask yourself, what’s my intention for using this particular community? Be truthful to yourself about your intended desires. Are you trying to educate yourself and build a career or are you really just looking for trade alerts? Are you intending on putting in the time and effort or just want someone to give you entries and exits? Don’t be afraid of being honest with yourself about what you really want to achieve. The one thing that you should understand when choosing a community. You get what your pay for. Don’t build a house made of sticks to cut costs, do it right the first time and save money on the back end.

Invest in yourself, invest in your future